Jordan VS Bird: One On One

Jordan VS Bird: One On One

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So, does everyone remember this classic game from the 80's? At the very height of their competition with each other, Jordan VS Bird was released. Although it was the best game ever, it was fun. Also it illustrated the difference of styles between the 2 players. You played as Bird in a 3-point mode, and Jordan in a slam dunk contest. Also, living up to it's could face the 2 superstars against each other in a "half-court" competition. Definitely an important relic for it's era, and an interesting game to play even now.

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Yeah, I remember that game. Wasn't too bad, but far from the best basketball game. Even back when it was released, there was better. Even still, it's a great novelty game.

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Howabout in today's players, can we have a match-up as popular as the Jordan-Bird game? That game was not only about skills but also about brains. Both of them are good at weighing each others capability.

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