tallest players ever

tallest players ever

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So, I just found this one site with a list of the tallest basketball players of all times. Although no Celtics quite made the list, you should still find it to be an interesting read. The tallest NBA player ever was Manute Bol at 7'7, and the tallest player in the WORLD was Sultan Kosen at a massive 7'11!!! You can read the rest of the list here: http://www.internationalbasketball.com/tall.html

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7'11 is monsterous. He would barely have to reach up to dunk the ball. I'm also trying to picture, how he took jumpshots, and what it'd be like to throw one up when he's guarding you hehe.

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Nice read! Too bad that 7'11 guy was never in the NBA. That'd be very interesting to watch!

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