Will we ever see another Larry Bird on the Celtics?

Will we ever see another Larry Bird on the Celtics?

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While the team has had many good players over the years, few can even come close to Larry Bird. But do you think we'll ever see another player of his caliber? If so, who will it be? A current player or a future player? Personally, I think it'd have to be a future player. The current team is good, but not THAT good.

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I think the qualities that Larry Bird displayed are unique, and very few players reach the same level off perfection. If we will see a current player reaching the same hights as Larry Bird, I doubt. But I believe new talent will come a long, and the spirit will be in him as well.

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I don't think we will any time soon. Larry Bird over came a lack of natural talent with hard work and a dedication to the game that few of the players these days can match. He was also more concerned with the team than with his individual fame. He was from the time before there tended to be so many “it's all about me” attitudes.

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Hmm...interesting opinions. Anyway, I agree that we won't be seeing another Larry Bird anytime soon. Eventually however? I could definitely see that. There needs to be more true team-players, just as Bird was.

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We'll see another Larry Bird one of these day's, but I don't think it'll be any of the current players. Maybe it'll be somebody who joins soon?

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Players (specifically basketball) these days are self-centered. They do incredible tricks for them to be recognized and for the sake of the whole team. That is one of the qualities that Bird has, total support to his team. If there will be a good player and thinks mostly about his team then we might see another Larry Bird.

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There will be another player that has the character of Larry Bird, we just have to wait and see. Maybe there is already one and we just don't notice it for there are many star players in the NBA.

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