Lil Young?

Lil Young?

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Did you guys know he is named to be the youngest to ever play for England? Makes you wonder what the average age has been over the years, seeing as he is only like what 23 now?

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# 2

To have built the reputation in soccer that he has and have an already distinguished career is quite a feat for 23 in any sport. We can hope that not only has he started young but he will have a long career to boot.

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# 3

He is young for sure but I am amazed as some of the things he has done in his time around already. Its almost shock to see someone of that age be well mannered, awesome at their trade and still end up being so determined.

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# 4

Wow! It makes me feel really old to read he was born in 1985. No doubt, no matter his age, the guy is a phenomenal player.

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# 5

He might be young but you know he could run circles (literally) around so many of us. I wish I had that much stamina, I would even settle for 1/2 of it!

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# 6

Most amazing I think is to think that at just 23 years old he has spent more than half of his life in football. He was signed by Everton at just 11 years old and has been going ever since, and the youngest goal scorer in the history of the premier league. The guy is pretty amazing.

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