Rooney - Over-rated or under-rated?

Rooney - Over-rated or under-rated?

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# 1

Now here's a player almost everyone knows, and he has his share of both fans and people who hate him. One things for certain, he gets a lot of media attention! So, do you feel he's worthy of the praise he receives or is it too much? No doubt, a few of you may even think he gets too LITTLE praise. Either way, it's worth some discussion!

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# 2

I think the old saying "you're never as good as they tell you are and you're never as bad as they ell you are," applies here. I think some of the detractors are based on his style of play....but I also think those that like him think he is better than what the production says.

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# 3

Everyone has their own personality, his suits him perfect. Im sure some hate and some love like you said, but isnt that true for all sports?

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# 4

Ehh... Rooney is alright I guess. Not really one of my favorites, but a very solid player none the less. Don't think I could consider him Over-rated, regardless of my feelings towards him.

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# 5

is he not one of your favorites because of his controversial style of play? The hype around him? Or you're just not a fan of his in general. People are very divided on him.

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# 6

I too think that he is a kind of a guy which people won't have a neutral ground, either you love him or you hate him. Well I love the way he plays, he really makes sure he will have a goal or just have a chance of hitting a goal and that is a skill not every player has. But I somewhat don't like his arrogant character.

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# 7

He is very arrogant.....but then again many of the best are...I guess it's just a matter of how he carries it.

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# 8

I think you have to be so convinced of your talent to play at an elite level, that arrogance is not so far behind. I believe nearly every elite player is arrogant. Just a matter of if they act it.

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# 9

I don't think he's under or over-rated. He plays the game well, and he has more than his share of friends and enemies. He's a good player, even if i'm not really that big a fan of his.

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# 10

I dont really think he has the arrogance of some other players around, and if he does he hides it well.

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# 11

I don't recall seeing him too overwhelming like some players, maybe he hides it well or its something he just doesn't do.

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