Zlatan is king of Europe

Zlatan is king of Europe

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mancini Italy Mancini
# 1

At the moment there is nobody like Zlatan. He is the most successful and skilled striker in Europe - scoring in every match and being a constant threat to the opposition. And with such style he does it. Forza Zlatan

dude India Profile image 100x100
# 2

I agree with you. But there also players who get a lot more attention than he does for lesser skill, unfortunately.

fanManU United States Profile image 100x100
# 3

Exactly, dude, all to often players of Ziatan's callibier get missed by a lot of fans because they don't get the same publicity as some of the other players.

alibaba United States Alibaba
# 4

I really admire his talent, I feel he's often looked over as well. Thus far he has made a huge contribution to Barca; it's ashamed he got injured. I also like him on a personal level, he's a family man, multi-lingual, that makes for a good role model.

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memski United States Memski
# 5

For tons of players the constant part is a downfall for many and those who can work with their particular skills to be constant are those we read about and hear about on a daily sometimes weekly basis. That is the different between someone doing their job proper and someone who does not care.

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