Are Real Madrid the best team?

Are Real Madrid the best team?

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With how well they have been playing for the past several years, you would have to think so. They have an incredibly talented roster, with tons of passion for winning and playing. And if they aren't the VERY BEST team, I would say they are in the top 3...easily. Thoughts?

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# 2

I haven't heard about this team that much, but if you say they have a good team setup, maybe they just got lucky, or someone thought long and hard before they put all of the team together.

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# 3

Real Madrid is a really good team, would place them among one of the three best clubs in the world. If they are the absolut best I am not sure I can agree on, but I thnk that depends on which teams fan club you belong to

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I could not agree that they could be placed in the 3 best teams in football, for now. I say Arsenals, MU, and Milan are the 3 best teams in EU football right now. But basing on their players and games, they could be on the top if they just keep improving.

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Knowing the best team in football is really hard to say. It all depends on the fan for every fan will say that their team is the best. I for one would say that Arsenals is the best because they are my team. But Real Madrid could share the glory of the best teams in football. They have been in the top ranks and they will still continue to be in that position.

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They are in the top that is for sure, but I dont know if they are the top. Its hard to say, so many teams have good players, but not every team has a full line up of all good players.

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# 7

I think I agree with the original poster, passion shows a great deal in sports and its something that keeps a team together, even though they might not be the best.

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# 8

I don't think they are THE best either, but in the top would be agreeable. Granted I prefer a different team, but there are others I place on the same level as Real.

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