The Coach Banned for Misconduct

The Coach Banned for Misconduct

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Coach Rijkaard will not lead Barca on their first knock out round match in the Champions League. He was banned due to yelling at a referee in their match against Lyon last November 27. The coaches of all teams are having some pressure as the Champions League advances to the finals. I think it is just normal for coaches to react on what they think is right.

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A little harsh maybe but he knows the rules. You have to keep your composure. Losing your cool at the wrong time can really hurt your teams chances.

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The more I think about it its almost a toss up. Coaches are always known to be hard, but your right keeping your cool is extremely important when your a leader.

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He is always wrote up as being "no nonsense" and being a Coach is hard work no matter if you are coaching kids or adults, I think it may have been a little harsh for him.

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I can't say that I agree with this action. Coaches are generally known for being hard and yelling. I think the consequence here was a bit to harsh.

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