Who can beat Franz Beckenbauer?

Who can beat Franz Beckenbauer?

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He is really Der Kaiser. As a captain, He led the team to winning the European Cup three times in a row (1974–76). I wonder if there are other BM (or even other clubs in Europe) players can beat his achievements.

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# 2

This is a man who is really in love with the sport of soccer. From the way he plays to his devotion to his team and the sport itself, it would be hard to imagine anyone more devoted to the game than Franz. That devotion is what has led him to have the most outstanding record in the world of European soccer.

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# 3

Yes you are right. He is the best player, team manager and coach. None else can play those important roles so well as he did. I also particularly adore his dedication, integrity and strong leadership.

roser United States Roser
# 4

For any sport really, if there is a lack of devotion to the sport, the player will never go very far. History has shown over all awards given, games won - that if you are determined and willing to put forth what it takes to play the game hard and proper, you can go down in those very same history books too.

memski United States Memski
# 5

Some of the best records I have seen in all sports are those from before I was born and its hard to see if some of the newer members to these teams are able to live up to the legends of the pioneers so to speak.

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roser United States Roser
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At the same time there are just some records that can not be broken anytime soon, all over the sports world. I have seen some of the records (just at a glance) for managers over all game types and its kind of scary when you now see some of the same types of jobs (managers over all players) who are really lacking compared to the history books.

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