Wellwood and Colaiacovo returning soon?

Wellwood and Colaiacovo returning soon?

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ESPN says forward Kyle Wellwood and defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo may be returning in as little as week. Wellwood had hernia surgery during the offseason and Colaiacovo had knee surgery prior to camp starting. Reportedly they both skated yesterday and got through the workout with no new pain. Good sign for the Leafs.

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that would be huge for the Leafs as that gets two key players back on the ice weeks before they were expected back.

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It should definitely help the Maple Leafs, but will it be enough to help them start winning again? I can understand it's still a really good thing, but I don't think this will turn it around much.

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Wellwood back has been awesome, but Colaiacovo, it seems like he's never going to return. He's been really unlucky so far in his career, with all the injuries and all.

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Them returning is good, but I agree it might not be enough. And the report stated no new pain, not none at all. There could still be issues on the horizon.

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Uhhg the Leafs really need Cola back now. McCabe got injured the other day, and is out 6-8 weeks with a broken hand. Wozniewski has been terrible this season, so Carlo coming back would really reduce his ice time.

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Colaicovo came back last night! Played a real solid game, 19 minutes worth. Too bad we lost 4-1 though. We need Toskala back.

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Its so painful when the guys are out for injuries. Its the only time I wish hockey wasn't as dangerous as it is. Hopefully they all manage to get back in the game so the team can start playing like they should.

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What bad injuries! Its good they are not having any pains now, could you imagine trying to start back up with those types of injuries?

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