Financial effect of coronavirus on the Sunrisers

Financial effect of coronavirus on the Sunrisers

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Most cricket teams rely on playing matches to get some cash flow. Unsurprisingly, that hasn't been the case in recent times. Has the financial hardships caused by the pandemic had an impact on the operations of Sunrisers as a club?

Philippines Ellapranze
# 2

It is not just the Sunrisers but all of the team relying upon games for cash flow. Some of the teams and players managed to grab some endorsements and advertisements before the Pandemic but most players are affected and some of them are even trying to save just so being to carry on with their lives.

The Observer
Nigeria Sunshine
# 3

Definitely, they are being affected and even others in this pandemic period. it isn't being easy for anyone financially now because of the lock-down all over the world. I hope we get it right soon.

Nigeria Kinh
# 4

It will affect it's cash flow since they rely on people to come out and buy tickets which isn't possible now. This pandemic is worrisome.

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