Liverpool Ownership

Liverpool Ownership

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With Hicks and Gillet buying the LFC, what has the reaction been? Hicks was a part owner of a MLB team, the Texas Rangers, and had no success. Gillet once had a stake in the NE Pats in the NLF and had minor success. I am not sure two so so owners in can't fail US sports who failed can have success with soccer. Not even in Liverpool.

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Maybe people are hoping that its possible. I have seen some so called miracles before. Maybe they only had a short stack of applicants to pick from.

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I think they are handicapped by not have "grown up" in the sports culture in England, which is different than the bottom-line dollar/business mentality of sports franchises in the US. Hicks was also handicapped because of his business dealings. The company that he was CEO of also owned one of the biggest sports agent companies in the country, so he owned the agents and the players....that caused them toset rules for his activities with the Rangers.

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American sports culture/business is very different than that of many other countries. I have serious doubts as to whether these two can have any significant success over the long haul.

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