Adam Gilchrist After Retirement

Adam Gilchrist After Retirement

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I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything about Adam Gilchrist since his retirement. Is he still involved in cricket in any capacity at all?

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Well, presently Adam Gilchrist is the captain of Deccan Chargers which is one of the 8 teams partcipating in IPL. Last year Deccan Chargers were the winners of Indian Premier League. This time around, the performance of DC has been mixed. But, it's too early to comment. Let's wait and watch.

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Adam Gilchrist is very much playing active cricket. As captain of Deccan Charges, he steered the team to lift the IPL2 tournament. However, in the third edition, things are not going his way. In short, Adam Gilchrist is actively involved with the game of Cricket.

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With all the searches I did on Adam Gilchrist, how did I miss that?

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# 5

The Chargers have had a rough start this year, which has kept them and their captain out of the spotlight. But after last night's game that may soon be changing.

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