Mixed Origin

Mixed Origin

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# 1

If you have read the introduction of Tiger on his page in this site, you will read there that "he is of mixed african american, native american, and chinese decent." I never knew that he has a Chinese decent until now after reading that introduction.

roser United States Roser
# 2

How good is the book, I was debating to get it for a big golf friend of mine. I knew about the Chinese, but not the Native American.

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# 3

Chinese decent? I always understood that part of his family originated from Thailand, and nothing about China. Am I wrong after all?

roser United States Roser
# 4

What if they were from China to start with, maybe somewhere down the line someone had their facts jumbled?

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# 5

The book is pretty good. I recall the information about his descent back when he started breaking into the field, as it was rather scandalous and talked about alot. Most people in the US who play golf are white.

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# 6

Wow, what an interesting breed he got. Well, color or race is not a gauge to determine how well one can play or excel in a particular field. Maybe his muliti-cultural origins contributed to his skill a lot.

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# 7

Is race or color still an issue at this time and age? Common guys, it does not prove anything to be white. Tiger Woods proved this all wrong.

roser United States Roser
# 8

It seems for many it still is, quite sad in this day and age. I dont think the topic started here was meant for what you are assuming exref. It was a mere statment that many (including myself) did not know Wood's family backround, so please dont take any offense.

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