Tiger Woods: the man who popularized golf?

Tiger Woods: the man who popularized golf?

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Before Tiger Woods started playing, golf was a sport commonly associated with old men and there were very few standout players who got media attention anywhere near what Mr. Woods has been getting. You can see him on commercials on anything from shoes to new cars, and the sport is expanding to a much larger audience than ever before. Do you think this is a good thing or not?

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I don't think he brought the game out, the game has always been around, just many more now are stepping into the light to do ads and so on. I don't recall Arnold Palmer doing many ads in his time.

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# 3

...old men and rich men. My opinion is that more people are going up the financial status of life that they can afford playing golf. I couldn't appreciate a game where I haven't played so I don't have passion for golf unlike other games where I could play even though I don't have much money. But I'm impressed by the dedication that Tiger have in this game. The kind of determination that always leads to success. I think he could make a book on how to fulfill impossible dreams.

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Wait a minute, who said you had to be rich in order to play golf? You are only referring to the stereotype of golf being played by old rich men. To just go out there and play golf for recreation costs not much more than Baseball or Football would.

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I used to play golf...lol...in my college days, and it was quite expensive! Now I can only afford mini-golf! I do think Tiger has helped to make the game more acceptable and popular to the masses, and to a much more youthful crowd than it used to be.

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I have played it and no Im not that good at it. I think Tiger may have helped to get some younger people involved, and so on, but maybe he did shed a new light onto it.

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