The Niece of Tiger Woods

The Niece of Tiger Woods

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"Cheyenne Woods won her 2nd title in Arizona 5A golf state championships with a score of 69-70-139 at the Randolph North Golf Course in Tucson." Here is the interview about the niece of Tiger I say it runs in the family. I wonder if Tiger coaches his niece on golf clubs. Because Cheyenne said in the interview (when asked about advices from her uncle Tiger) that "(Its) not really that much. We talk a couple times a year on the phone or by text message. Sometimes he looks at my swing or helps me out a little bit."

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That is pretty amazing, but I mean that is how it is in many families. When someone is good in a sport the children, or their extended family also have a interest in the sport. I think Tiger might have helped out in the beginning withsome small tips that would have helped this young girl get a lead in the race early on. But she is doing it herself, and she should have the honors of her accomplishments.

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True, she is doing it on her own...but will she really get all the praise? If she does become a world renowned golfer, will the glory fall back to Tiger...I mean being mentioned always as the niece of Tiger Woods, etc... And I would think personally, if she is really good that he might take an interest in her? I know if I had a relative who loved painting as I do, I might just take them under my wing a bit and shower them with a little extra special attention!

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Her uncle could have the some or most of the honors if ever she will become well known in the world like her uncle. But in my opinion its alright for Tiger is his uncle anyway.

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If you were that good, I think you would be trying to keep your work secret, however its his niece so I can kind of see why he would want her to maybe continue the family leading in the sport too.

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True, it runs in the family. Who wouldn't be a champ if your uncle is simply Tiger Woods? With all the training and tips he's got from her uncle, know single doubt about her winning.

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