Sol Campbell quit after one game!

Sol Campbell quit after one game!

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Sol Campbell quit playing with Notts County after one game, thus canceling his five year contract! How disloyal and odd is that? This has to be the shortest transfer in the soccer world, ever! The Executive Chairman of Notts County has said that maybe things have not been working out as quickly as Sol planned and they certainly can not turn the team into a Premier League club overnight and if he doesn't want to understand that and uphold his contract then they don't want him there either. I totally agree, that's why they gave him a five year contract. Sol has played for Tottenham, Arsenal and Portsmouth in the past and has been successful with all three of his former teams. Is he sending the message that he is only Premier League material? I certainly think so. If this is the case, then why even sign with a League Two team if he did not feel he could handle the challenge. I know I was surprised, along with everyone else and his former managers, when he decided to play for a League Two team, but I believed in him and wanted him to succeed there; this is just disappointing.

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What an odd decision he made! A player is nothing without a team he play for, regardless how talented he is. Unless he want to be a "lone footballer", he should show a bit respect to whatever team he is signed with. Having good attitude is an important part of being a professional player.

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You would think he would have known what he signed had up for. I can't believe he didn't give it longer than one game! I guess he felt it was too much of a challenge. What a shame!

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Gosh I hadn't heard this. I don't like the fact for a start that he played for so many teams. That to me shows a lack of loyalty, and then he goes and does something like this. Kinda proves it really.

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Exactly, this guy is so self-absorbed! I feel so duped because I did not want to buy that he was actually a closet drama queen. He is just burning bridges and make things bad for himself. I honestly think he either did it for the publicity or he wants to head back to Tottenham, but I do not think Redknapp and the team would have him. I have also heard he wants to get into acting as he had a role in a film produced by Guy Ritchie.

"Enthusiasm is everything. It must be taut and vibrating like a guitar string." — Pelé
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