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I've watched the stamping incident from yesterday's match over, and over again. I'm shocked that he would even attempt to claim that this was an accident caused merely by his kicking out at the ball. It seems so clearly deliberate. Did you see-what is your opinion?

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I haven't saw the clips yet but I heard that there was a big issue from this. That the fans were getting wild and had to be calmed down and controlled. That is wrong. I don't think from what I have heard that it happened by chance.

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Abhay Burande India Abhay burande
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oh, stamp he did!! it was so clear and his intentions were but natural the way he was man-handling the entire ARSENAL mid-field. Good thing the bull is out of the Arsenal squad! I never liked him any way.

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That type of behavior is so uncalled for, especially in professional sports of any kind. We work hard to teach our children good sportsmanship and then they see professional athletes behaving like spoiled children.

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Well it looks like he's been caught out now at least, and he's not going to get away with it. The three game ban will be little more than an irritation to him though, really for what he did it seems so minor.

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