Challengers Desperate For A Win

Challengers Desperate For A Win

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There is still time for improvement. The season is just getting started and I don't think we should write the Royal Challengers off too soon.

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The Challengers need a win to help boost their confidence. Once they turn things around they will gain some much needed confidence. I hope it happens soon. I would hate to see them left behind in the dust of another team.

India Anjali nambissan
# 3

The problem with the Challengers is that they are heavily dependent on Kevin Pieterson to perform. His two-week stint has been nothing but a failure so far and to be fair to him, his team hasn't backed him up much. He has been all at sea because the batsmen aren't scoring much (except Dravid) and the bowlers are under-performing just like last year. To win in T20, you need to be able to take 10 wickets more than put a high total on the board. The game changes quite quickly in this format and their weakness has probably been the inability to shoulder the burden of pressure that comes with it.

India Aditi verma
# 4

I think that the season is over for them. Although there are a few matches to go, the main player that were dependent upon, Pieterson, is going home in a few days. That will hurt them even more. They will not be able to bounce back from this poor start. They might win a few but thats all. There won't be any major change in their performance from last season.

India Kavita nambissan
# 5

It will come but it might be too little too late for them. They do not seem like a team that will pose any major threat to any of the frontrunners and the lack of performance from the big names will prove costly to them. Mallaya will need to revise his player buying policies next season if he wishes to make any money out of this.

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Last time I checked, Team did not have an "I" in it. Has anyone mentioned that to Kevin, or maybe an outside looking in to mention that one man is not a team, in case the team does not understand this?

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# 7

Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainities. You can't predict what will happen tomorrow. If you go by the track record of Challengers so far, they have done pretty well. They have secured a third position in the IPL standings. Well, let's hope for the best and who knows they may turn the tables in the last moment.

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