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They say they are ready for the next season but I am still feeling a little iffy on this one. Are they going to come back with a vengeance?

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Well, they beat the Mumbai Indians and that's a pretty big accomplishments. Perhaps they have just been getting warmed up and are now ready to start playing.

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The Challengers are 4 and 4 now. Point wise they are only two points behind the leaders, the Delhi Daredevils. I would definitely finding the place in this game. Today they play the Royals.

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This game against the Royals should really be an interesting one. Both teams are fighting hard for the semi finals and with the Royals aiming for a hat trick they will be determined to win.

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Break those totals out a little more and see they are working to snap back into the action seat. I have a feeling this was all a ploy to just get the media hyped, but no harm no foul, it worked.

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Yea, Challengers after a two-game losing streak have struck form and have won the match in style against the Kings XI Punjab. Now, Challengers stand third in the league table. Who knows they may surprise every one with yet another victory. Let's wait and watch!

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