Royals win over Challengers

Royals win over Challengers

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Did anyone get to see this the incredible Rajasthan Royals seven-wicket win over the Bangalore Royal Challengers? It was definitely a rough game for the Challengers.

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# 2

It was amazing, very exhilarating. We took the kids to see it and was not disappointed with all the action. My youngest son wants to play professional someday. We will see.

India Kavita nambissan
# 3

The challengers can't seem to do anything right. Although things have improved since peiterson left, but they need the South Africans on their team to fire to do something here.

India Aditi verma
# 4

Royals are reveling in their team spirit. The same cannot be said about most other teams, especially Bangalore and Kolkata.

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# 5

Team spirit can go along way in winning a game. I have seen teams that didn't seem to have much in the way of brut talent come out on top, because the team supported each other. If you have one or two players hot dogging it on the field, trying to take all the glory for themselves; the team can't possibly be all they can be.

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Team spirit and fan support are two of the most important factors, other than actual talent, when it comes to inspiring a team to put forth the extra effort needed in some games. If the fans give up on them, team spirit runs the risk of fading.

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What an excellent game!! The Royals were playing at their best. The Challengers got in a couple good plays but they didn't stand a chance.

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