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Has anyone heard anything more about the trademark rights battle they are dealing with now? I really do not understand what the issue is, TM's are all over the world, why are they having such issues getting this resolved?

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I don't think they have actually resolved anything. It seems like a petty argument to me. Maybe, they are working together for the publicity. I don't know. Why does everything have to be so dramatic? I know there is a lot at stake monetary wise, but we have enough conflict going on without it.

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They have filed multiple trademark requests with the government in order to protect the rights to their brand name. This would enable them to control licensing of clothing and other merchandise too. If they didn't do this, any company could start making Deccan Charger anything and the team wouldn't get anything out of it.

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Well that makes sense. I thought that they already had copyrights on merchandising their names and outfits. I had heard that the arguments were over something more petty, such as; what they wanted to call their different plays.

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# 5

I have been surprised when I watch younger teams. They usually have uniforms with the same name as the older teams. I have seen it from the youngest players all the way through to the big leagues.

India Kavita nambissan
# 6

This is quite ridiculous. What I am planning to do is name my child John Jacob Michael Bryan Sachin Sourav Rahul Nambissan. Then I will copyright the name and ensure that no one can name their children any of these names without paying royalty to me. And those who are already named, need to pay me compensation for its usage so far. This copyright of plays thing is as ridiculous as my proposition.

India Aditi verma
# 7

Everything other than cricket seems to be gaining precedence in this session of the IPL

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I agree. There must be more important issues in cricket that need to be resolved. Just wondering though, do they copyright or trademark the individual team members' nicknames? Can their be only one Bengal Tiger or Maharaja? I shouldn't have asked, if the wrong person reads this it might give them an idea.

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# 9

It seems the Chargers not only want to protect their use of the Deccan Charger name as it relates to sports, clothing and toys. They want exclusive rights in all venues - tobacco, beer, tea, coffe and sugar.

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# 10

I am not sure how that really works for a sports team. I know sometimes you can not copy right certain things and then sometimes its a full on mess. Like when someone has registered and you want it, weird rules and laws confuse me.

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It all seems awfully complicated to me. You'd think that there have been enough issues on trademarks with different teams and companies that by now they would have figured out how to deal with things like this. Some of the ways that they use to determine what names and pictures belong to who can just seem silly at times. There have been some crazy battles over stuff like this before all over the world.

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# 12

The very idea of sponsoring IPL matches is to derive media mileage for their companies or outfits. After all, millions of dollars are spent to sponsor these matches. Don't you think that they should get their share of the spoils. There seems to be nothing wrong in fighting for Trade Mark rights.

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