Favorite Indian?

Favorite Indian?

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Who is your favorite Mumbai Indian player and why? Is it Tendulkar and his batting skills or perhaps Bahji and his bowling? Maybe one of the less heard of members of the team have caught your eye. Share your thoughts on your favorite player here.

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I would have to say that my favorite is probably Sachin Tendulkar. His batting skills are proving to be great again this year. I think we will see a lot of good things coming from the Indians this season.

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I have to say the same. Sachin Tendulkar is amazing. He is such a great asset to the team. He's one of the best players I've seen play. I mean, just look at his stats!

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It is Sachin Tendulkar no doubt about it. I'm already the third person who agrees that he is the best player in this team. I also like the way he plays on the field.

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It seems like everyone is a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar! No doubt about that. He's getting older but he's still got it! Go Tendulkar!!!! Anyone see any promise in any of the lesser hyped players?

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Of late, M S Dhoni seem to be slowly replacing Sachin Tendulkar. Since, Dhoni is relatively young and is the captain of Indian Cricket team, he has become a favorite of younger generation. In fact, in the Indian Premier League, M S Dhoni commands a premium over other players. That itself speaks who's the favorite Indian.

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