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Brett Lee

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Australian, Brett Lee or Bing as he is called by teammates and fans, has caused quite a stir with his ability to bowl well past the 100mph barrier. The crowds go wild as he walks up to the run-up mark. He also drives another set of fans wild when he performs with his rock band, Six and Out.

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What's this about a rock band? I hadn't heard of it so I guess it's off to Google for me. Rockstar cum there's a resume to be bragging about. I'll have to see if I can find any mp3 downloads or YouTube videos so I can check out the band.

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He's actually not quite bad. I found a music video that he did on youtube. The cricket skills any man would envy and a smile to melt every woman's heart, he really does have it all.

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"past the 100mph" does that blow anyone else away just the same? Really, I can do a couple of things quick (speed read for one) but some of these sportsmen with their crazed talents just blow me out of the water. What is speed reading going to do for me, right?

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The speed and accuracy of a lot of these players in outstanding. Moving that quickly, I would have a hard time not tripping over my own two feet let alone catching a ball or hitting a wicket all at the same time.

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This is one multi-talented man both on the field and off and those eyes and that smile could melt any girls heart.

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I love seeing athletes who are multi-talented both on and off the field. For one thing, it shows that they don't have to depend on their sport to make a living. The body ages, especially when it is put through the daily grind of being a professional athlete. It's nice to know that we can still see them if they ever retire.

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