Big name sponsorships

Big name sponsorships

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The team is off to a good start if they can attract top brands for their sponsors, don't you think? They just signed Emirates airline to go along with others like Reebok, Orbit and Gulf Oil.

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I'm not real familiar with this team. However I do agree that to be attracting such big name sponsors, they must have something good going on. Sponsors only want to attach their names to teams that will get them good exposure. They want to put their products out in front of the fans.

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The Kings showed a lot of promise in their inaugural season last year. Their fans are excited about their team. The team is excited about the game. This is just the place big name sponsors like to be.

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If they play their cards right having someone like Emirates would be a good thing. I could see all types of things coming from this, and for Emirates just as well since many would be using them for more trips (they do have decent prices too).

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Having high quality sponsorships also brings some deep pockets. This usually enables a team to recruit the best players which in turn makes the team even stronger. I'm glad to see them attracting such illustrious sponsors.

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I hope some of the younger crowd can learn the difference between "sponsors" and "sellouts". I tend to hear that word tossed around every so often and its like people think sporting events and all else, come free.

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You're exactly right, crazee. While the numbers sound high, it takes a lot of revenue to run a stadium, travel to games, pay for players rooms, not to mention paying players salaries.

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As I understand, there is no dearth of sponsors for IPL matches. Already some big names are associated with IPL. Well, the third season is also going to be a sell out for IPL matches. The cricket crazy Indian fans will lap anything related to cricket.

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You described it very well, Hitler. I hear that cricket is almost like religion in India. I kinda think it's the advertising companies who seek after great cricket teams to sponsor, and not the teams who seek after those companies.

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I think Agregat is probably right. I'd say it's the advertising companies just begging for the best teams to wear their products. It's probably one of the best ways to advertise anything.

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Yes Sully, I think cricket in India is just like American football in the US, soccer in Brazil and badminton in China (I am not sure about the last). For the companies, it would be prestigious to sponsor one of those top cricket teams in India.

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