what does Dallas need to get over the top

what does Dallas need to get over the top

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guliz United States Profile image 100x100
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The NFC East is wide open. It looks like their pass defense needs some help....offense looks set...T.O. and Romo have formed a good combination. Considering the glaring weaknesses of the other teams in the conference, is shoring up the pass defense good enough to win the division?

Ballplayer United States Profile image 100x100
# 2

If they can work on defense enough, I think they could win the division possibly. But unfortunately, more may be needed than that. Also, I have my doubts that the defense will be fixed in time to make a difference.

Grandslammer United States Profile image 100x100
# 3

It's gonna be a few more years before we see the Cowboys get "over the top" again. Sad fact, but it's true. A few players need to be replaced, and they just need proper time to all gel together.

MVP2007 United States Profile image 100x100
# 4

I am hoping that come next season, we'll be seeing a marked improvement. Dallas has several key areas that need work before we can expect them to win a Super Bowl.

roser United States Roser
# 5

If some can seriously back down from acting as their are crowned royal (insert anything here), more fans would follow. I see many that refuse to do so just for the fact that the CB's think they are top dog in the field.

Kallie02 South Africa Profile image 100x100
# 6

Dallas players, and the team in general, need to come back to the roots. humility to the fans and the city, then focus more on the team in the games and not individuals. As soon as this has been achieved you will see wonders on the playing field. These are the basics of all teams.

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# 7

I think that is a biggie that most would agree on. Get back to where you came from type attitude, rather than I am king of it all types.

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