Redskins / Cowboys

Redskins / Cowboys

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I know their first meeting isn't until Nov. 18, but if the 'Skins can keep playing decent ball and the 'Boys don't fall apart their two meetings thise year could determine the winner of the NFC East.

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Skins had an all out collapse against a poor Giants team ysterday. I like Jason campbell, their qb and I think in the long run he has more upside than Tony Romo, but the defense really let Washington down. None the less, the Skins/Boys is always a fun match-up for football junkies. They play twice in 4 weeks.

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# 3

the NFC east is wide open as neither the Giants, Eagles, Cowboys or Redskins are likely to open up a huge lead over the others.

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I think its up to the training, let that speak for itself along with the players. Are redskins still practicing in Frostburg MD anyone know? Really though, I don't have high hopes that RK will take out the 'boys, I have seen some of the practice.

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# 5

I think Dallas has started fast in the past and not lived up to it. This feels different, but you never know. As for Washington, they are doing it without any real stars who have been there before, so who knows how they can handle success, but I agree with asuly that the division is wide open.

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# 6

The Redskins play in Landover Maryland, AKA RalJohn, at FedEx Field. Their Headquarters are located in Chantilly, VA. Their practice facility is also located in VA. Years past they held their training camps in PA.

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I have friends who have told me about when the Cowboys used to train out in Thousand Oaks, CA at some small college....must have been quite a site during the '70's for those legends of football to descend on sleepy little town like that.

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