Native Texans - The worst Cowboys fans of all

Native Texans - The worst Cowboys fans of all

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Having lived all over the US, including Dallas Texas, I can tell you that the 'Boys fans who live in the are aer nothing but fair weather fans. They only go to games when they aer winning. I lived their when their home games were blacked out. In Washington and Green Bay no matter how bad their teams are sell out and the games are on TV. I do not like the 'Boys but have NO respect for all their BAND WAGON FANS.

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I vist Dallas on business about 3 times a year. went to my first Cowboys game last season. The stadium is a dump and the fans are spoiled because of the success they had in the '70's and then again with Aikman at qb. The new stadium will help draw crowds again but it is still two years away.

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Are they as bad as when you are watching a Yanks/Mets game? If so, then I'm sure I could never attend, I would be the type to say the wrong thing, smack the wrong person in the mouth and end up with a night in the slammer.

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Big difference....Cowboys have been to the top and the fans have an unrealistic expectation of being up there all the time....similar to Yankees fans....different than say Eagles' fans though who are just plane rude and obnoxious.

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Cowboys fans in the DC area are some of the most pasionate fans you can find. They love their 'Boys. Funny thing is, 99% of them have no attachment to Dallas or the 'boys. They are just front runners. Another interesting note, to camp on to LISE42's thoughts, is that 'Boys fans have no sense in that when the 'Boys stink it's always the refs fault, the league is out to get them or some other load of hog wash. Redskins fan have a deeper passion, a far more knowledgeable and realistic mind set. When the 'Skins stink the fans go to games (sell out every game for 20+ years with a waiting list for season tickets of over 120,000 people), buy the gear, suport the team. BUT now here is the differecnce, when the Redskins stink the 'Skins fans will say so, admitt their short commings AND still support the team like they had a chance to go to and win a super bowl. Only Packer fans come close to this level of team support.

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I am guessing a Cowboy's fan in DC would have to be extra passionate, being in the Redskins' backyard. My experience with Cowboys fans is they can be pretty myopic....nothing like Raiders fans who alway think they are just one player away from the super bowl.....but myopic none the less.

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