Knight Riders Lose To Royals

Knight Riders Lose To Royals

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The Kolkata Knight Riders were defeated in a dramatic Super Over in Cape Town. They played hard till the end with both teams fighting for the win but the Rajasthan Royals came out ahead when all was said and done.

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I think we will see more than just this and I do not think this is nearly close to how the full season will be. If they can bring it back up with the stamina needed they will be doing better next time around.

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No one should be giving up on this team, or any other this soon in the season. There are still a lot of matches to be played and anything can happen and often does.

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I think the Royals show a lot of promise this season and this match really brings it home. They have never been one of my favorite squads but they seem in better form than they have been in a long time.

India Kavita nambissan
# 5

More than the Royals winning, it was Sourav Ganguly who lost it for the Knight Riders. I don't think that anybody should credit the Royals with the win. Kamran Khan didn't get Ganguly out, Ganguly got himself out trying to finish the match off. But I would blame the ex=bengal skipper either because 99 out of 100 times, batsmen try a shot like this and end up hitting a boundary when the field is up. So if it had gone to the fence like it was supposed to, then no one would have uttered a word. Yusuf Pathan got lucky to get a bowler like Mendis who can ONLY bowl line and length and that is exactly what you DONT need in such a situation.

India Aditi verma
# 6

Bad bowler choice for the super over by the KKR. It was bad for the Royals as well, making him bowl two on the trot, poor Khan. Technically, he didn't do enough but it worked out for them in the end.

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I guess we can all make mistakes but this one cost more than others out there. I wonder if he is kicking himself over it all too. I know I would.

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