Cheer Leaders

Cheer Leaders

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# 1

What do you think about Cheer Leaders selection for KKR by Ganguly and all the hype ?

India Anjali nambissan
# 2

I think that Dada needs some other things to occupy his mind now that he is away from International Cricket... Also, he was the team captain so SRK needs his opinion on all decisions pertaining to the team... even women....

India Kavita nambissan
# 3

What a joke... I guess team selection takes more than just the 11 on the pitch...

India Aditi verma
# 4

Perks of being the team captain...

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# 5

So are they still trying to sex up the sport? I am finding more and more news about how others feel on the 'skimpy skirts' more than anything else here.

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# 6

I think cheerleaders do not have a place in cricket. Sports that use women in this degrading way need the lift from watching women in skimpy outfits. Cricket fans enjoy the sport and don't need another reason to watch.

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# 7

Here we go again trying to add excitement to a sport that holds enough excitement on its own. People who think cricket needs cheerleaders shouldn't be watching or playing cricket. They don't appreciate the pure excitement of the sport itself.

# 8

That runs across my mind just the same. I mean is there really a place to put cheerleaders in this sport? I can understand some stuff like american football or even basketball but really, cricket, makes you go hmmm...

India Anjali nambissan
# 9

I agree with Crazee. The cheer leaders are almost non-existent in their bids to do whatever it is they are trying to do. I think that they would look worse when they realise that the stands will be mostly empty on weekdays.

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# 10

Do they even get paid enough to justify this? It seems like its adding more to something that needs nothing added you know? I am still thinking someone just got a crazed idea and wanted to run with it.

# 11

I would much rather go to a game and see the game rather than some side distraction. If I am paying good money for the sport, get to see it live I do not want to be distracted (even in a good way).

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# 12

I have to agree, crazee. I especially don't go to a cricket game to watch the cheer leaders. I want to watch the game with no distractions.

# 13

I am sure it would not be that bad maybe if they were part time or something and only did promo stuff but for an entire game I would get real bored, real quick with that sort of thing.

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