Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi

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Having Silvio Berlusconi as president, how much infulence does that have on the performance of the team. Remember Silvio Berlusconi is a highly political and business figure in Italy, being the previous president, as well as owning one of the largest private owned companies in Italy? He has been the longest running president of the club, more or less since 1986.

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I think that he can help swing things in the right direction when needed, both on and off the field. Having a powerful chairboard of any team is great news, and wealth chairboard as well.

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# 3

AC Milan has been successful with Silvio as its chairman. That means they have good management in the club. Everybody must work hand in hand to achieve victory and AC Milan with Silvio Berlusconi are doing great.

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GongGong - something like this can be a blessing and a curse, a curse if they are greedy. How good of a man is this guy?

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