rightfully ranked no. 1

rightfully ranked no. 1

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sluggernaut United States Sluggernaut
# 1

based on milan's performance over the past year the club is rightfully ranked no. 1 by uefa.

Gizmo South Africa Profile image 100x100
# 2

If you look at the player stable that AC Milan has as well as its history of achievements. I totally agree with the ranking as numbero uno. I feel AC Milan is the most complete team in Europe at this time, and their dominance will be felt this year as well.

KickinItGood Canada Profile image 100x100
# 3

Considering I'm still learning about UEFA and how the system completely works, I'm not a total AC Milan fan. I don't think I will be. I'm more of a follower right now - such as Manchester United for example. But still, all teams in every sport have their time - and right now it's AC Milan's time.

KCchiefsFan United States Profile image 100x100
# 4

I think ManU is overrated. AC Milan deserves the number 1 spot with its great players in the team and a good manager to lead them.

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