Torrel Owens

Torrel Owens

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I have a question? I don't follow much football, unless its about Torrel Owens. Ya love him. The promblem is my sons dad doesn't and told me that he wont be playing for Dallas this year. Is he wrong? He is also not a Dallas fan either. But can't stand Torrel Owens. Me I think Hes all that and then some I wish he could come back to the Eagles.

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Terrell is awesome! I truly thought Jerry would allow Terrell to remain in Dallas but I guess he and Romo had other plans. Honestly, how could Jerry Jones allow a "brand name" like to Terrell to go to another team when we just built this monstrosity of a cowboy stadium? We need name recognition to fill the seats!

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Terrell Owens is on the Buffalo Bills now. Dallas wanted to clean up their image.

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