Dangerous sport

Dangerous sport

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With all the players having to sit out of games, lately; I was wondering if cricket is one of the more dangerous sports. I always thought it was American Football, but I am beginning to think otherwise. Are our guys just not getting enough training beforehand. Why is everyone falling apart? Or at least it seems that way.

India Kavita nambissan
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Well, I think that the injuries and sitting out has more to do with two things: Firstly, most of the domestic Indian players are not really good enough to play at this level. Why they have been picked is a reason only the Franchises will know. Secondly, this tournament has just crowded out the calendar even further. As it is cricketers are not known to be the best in terms of fitness cause most of the players only need to stand around unlike other sports like rugby, field hockey, basketball or football (soccer). So they aren't really the fittest people and just need to be skillful to get a chance to play. If you aren't skilled enough, then you will sit out. Simple.

India Aditi verma
# 3

I believe you are talking about people sitting out for injuries, right? If that is the case, then well, cricket is not a tough sport, its just played by pansies. You should see their drama when they cut their fingers. These guys are worse than women.

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Whoa, that's a bit harsh isn't it. These guys have to be fit to accomplish what they do. I have seen them play and it is incredible what they are capable of.

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