Spin Vs Pace

Spin Vs Pace

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Anjali Nambi... India Anjali nambissan
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Is it surprising that the spin bowlers have done more damage than the Pacers? Every thought that the conditions might help pace bowlers in South Africa but it seems that the ball coming onto the bat has helped batsmen hit them all over the park more than the spinners. The spinners are getting some spin and a lot of bounce, which is probably making them the better bet. With the pitches getting worn out quicker with frequent games, do you think that the role of spinners will get bigger as the tournament gets towards the end? Or will only the good spinners make use of the conditions because of their control and experience?

Aditi Verma India Aditi verma
# 2

I think that there is just enough turn and grip on the wickets to give them that little bit of an edge. Combined with bounce, that can be lethal as practically, they just need to move the ball 2 inches on either side to grab an edge. The bounce has negated the cross-batted slog sweeps and shots that are normally rampant in Indian conditions. The turn (just enough for most) has made the straight bat shots quite challenging. The batsmen will need to pull out all stops to get a good spinner away for runs.

Kavita Nambi... India Kavita nambissan
# 3

Although the conditions are helpful, I think that it is "Control" over the flight and spin of the ball that is getting people wickets and stopping the flow of runs. More than just the turn and bounce, it has been the ability to bowl flatter and in a more controlled manner that has stopped runs. Wickets have come whenever they have been targeted by batsmen but that is only the case with the good spinners. So I will say this that although the spinners are faring better, it is only the good spinners and not just all of them. Anybody with control and composure will do good.

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