Focus on Local Starlets

Focus on Local Starlets

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Anjali Nambi... India Anjali nambissan
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I think the biggest issue in the IPL is how the young domestic players cope with the conditions in South Africa. The pitches are bouncy and almost spring-like (at the end of the season) and the rain is making the ball move around in the air. In such a scenario, how capable are these youngsters to face the music from established pacemen from the other countries as well as domestic bowlers who are finding it easier to bowl in these helpful conditions?

Aditi Verma India Aditi verma
# 2

I think that Ravi Boparra's inning was testament to the fact that only those teams which have performing youngsters can actually chase down big totals. The likes of Suresh Raina and all are International players themselves and are expected to play well but other local lads like Gony, Boparra, Kamran Khan, and many more, are the ones who are making a difference with their performances. They may not be matchwinning contributions everytime but by doing their bit, they are boosting the confidence of the entire team.

Kavita Nambi... India Kavita nambissan
# 3

This is true, but only to some extent. It will matter more in terms of fielding and bowling as to how they perform. With the bat, teams with the likes of Hayden, Gilchrist, Tendulkar, Dravid, Gayle, Ganguly, etc. have players who can single-handedly cut down a big total or post a huge score with a wonderful inning in themselves. So the youngsters are mostly required to consolidate and support these big guns. There are some exceptions as always. In fielding, I think they have dropped quite a few sitters and let the team down in bowling as well. But when they have performed in these departments, the team's performance has lifted. So they are influential, although only in some departments.

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