Is the IPL going to Happen???

Is the IPL going to Happen???

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Kavita Nambi... India Kavita nambissan
# 1

Well lets see, first there was the problem with the dates. To counter that, the dates were changed. Now the dates have been changed again and not just that, 3 venues - Delhi, Jaipur and Vizag have been dropped off the list. This means that the Delhi Daredevils and the Rajasthan Royals will not be playing on their home grounds anymore. Dharmshala and Raipur are two likely venues but how would this affect the game? Would a Delhi Daredevil Fan go all the way to Kolkata, Mumbai or Dharmshala even to watch a home-match??? I don't think that cricket, especially the IPL, is popular enough to provoke such mass supporter travel plans even in a cricket mad country like India. What do you feel? Will this move work?

Aditi Verma India Aditi verma
# 2

I agree Kavita. Right now, the tournament is in shambles. Sure, the other big venues will make up for the loss of Delhi, Vizag and Jaipur but just think, the Rajasthan Royals, defending champions, will not play in front of their home crowd. Isnt that sad???

Anjali Nambi... India Anjali nambissan
# 3

The thing is, already the sponsors would have given the organizers some stick. I mean sure, you want them to see the sponsorship boards and logos and contests in Delhi and Jaipur but Dharamshala and Raipur??? With all due respect to those places, I don't think that the sponsors will be all too happy.

Aditi Verma India Aditi verma
# 4

This IPL Saga is just going south... Maybe all the way down to South Africa even.... This is just ridiculous. How can this happen... A domestic Tournament needs to held within the country.

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