Pauls decision to bat first

Pauls decision to bat first

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They say hind sight is 20/20 well one would think but after Englands early exit on Monday a lot of people were second guessing Paul's decision to let England to bat first. Paul's response was that the decision should not be based on the posibility of rain. Well to an extent he is right but you definately have to consider the advantage it gave West Indies in the end.

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I think hindsight may be telling him different now. I wonder how many other team captains would have agreed that the possibility of rain should not be an issue. Well, they might agree but then I bet they would let it be an issue.

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I think in the sports world people can never really agree, that would cause an uproar with the fans who are used to always seeing those in charge, battle it out. Besides, what fun would that really be if everyone agreed to everything, sports would be boring then.

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I thought that this was really weird to be honest. How can the possibility of rain NOT be a consideration? In a game like this where they could be rained off-its going to affect it!

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One can only wonder if Paul is secretly kicking himself for making that decision. It also could have been one ot those instances where he made the call and then, all of a sudden, remembered the rain clouds. Oops, too late to take it back now.

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I can't believe that they wouldn't be given weather reports or wouldn't look into them before making these decisions. Either way its in the past though, and nothing can be done about it yet.

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I get that no one can really predict the weather, having grown up in MD for most of my life the weather changes there on an hourly basis, but I still think some thought should be put into it. Seems as though nothing can stop the sports world, unless of course, it rains.

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