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Sourav Ganguly-India's most successful test captain has announced that he will retire after the current Test against Australia. It seems to have come as a bit of a shock to the Indian fans, and certainly is a cause for sadness.

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Yes, it is sad for fans but he's earned some rest, I should think. Hopefully, this won't sideline the squad like happened back in 2004 when Waugh went through the same thing.

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That really would be a tragedy. I think that its not just the team coming to rely on the one player, but this hurts the team moral. Hopefully they'll keep going this time.

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I think there sound be a time to sit down and explain "Hey I am retiring" so questions can be answered and players reassured. I have no doubt that it can be a shock but people can not be expected to work 24/7/365 for life.

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Yes, an explanation, especially to his teammates, would be warranted. Players depend on one another. They draw their strengths from those around them, especially a player who has been around as long as Sourav Ganguly.

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He will be sorely missed but I am one of those people who believe that an athlete should know when it's time to pack up and to pack up when they are at the top of their game. I don't think he should wait until the selectors dump him.

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Oh indeed, it is very much better to know how and when to bow out gracefully. Ganguly really is still doing so well though-he's so strong! I can see why the surprise.

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Henry you might be on to something there with the team thinking that the team is really only just one player. That could end up being bad for a good time to come. I still think a better sit down and talk with explaining all that is going on would be best, it could easily reassure the team that its not just losing such a good player and still able to continue w/o em.

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You are actually quite right. No one knows yourself better than yourself and for one to say its time to go, no one should question the why's but more the how's and when's instead. I have been shocked before when a coach type in my life has left but having a talk is better than always guessing something incorrect.

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To see such support like this is great to see and respect for others in the game is even better. Tendulkar said he was "surprised by Sourav's [Ganguly's] decision to quit". "I am sure it must have taken him a long time to reach there. And it's a big decision. But if he feels that it is the way to go, then we all should respect his decision." So while he may be leaving at least others out there are wishing him well and not holding any hard feelings.

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Tendulkar is right. Any athlete knows when his body and/or mind is no longer where it should be in the game. I think its better for them to retire while still doing well, anyway, so they are remembered at their best instead of holding on so long that they get slow or poor performances become normal.

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He's done right here, there's no doubts about it. It's a real shame that cricket is losing such a big personality, but someone will fill his shoes.

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Has anyone else noticed how many 'retired' players are still playing cricket? It can be very confusing. You read in one article that someone has retired and then you hear or see them out on the field setting new records.

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