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South Africa seems happy with the latest performance, stating injury as a reason for the more poor results of late. What do you think, could they do better, or is this just a matter of losing the guys that they need?

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I was reading an article on the ABC's of Cricket site which added a little different spin to this. I was not aware but it seems that during apartheid, when cricket was seen as mainly a white sport, a rule was passed requiring national teams to consist of at least one black and one coloured player. According to team captain, Shawn Pollock, team members that he had initially turned down were approved by the UCBSA due to the racial issue.

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That's very interesting, and would of course mean that to meet the current regulations that they possibly didn't have the best on the team. I think that time will even this out.

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Injuries can happen even to the best of players, but to say that the entire teams work is based on injuries being over a great deal is kind of an excuse for those not trying to pick up the pace.

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I'm not sure its really just an excuse. I mean when the whole team is suffering from injuries they won't be playing their best. In this case, maybe they have some merit to the excuse, I don't think that it was all just squaring away a poor result.

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If they do nothing at some point fans are going to notice and become upset. I feel when teams have issues like this but really its hard to try and predict when things like injuries will happen.

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They do need to look into replacements thats for sure. If another team had this issue there would be stand ins right?

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If it is right that they are restricted as to where they can take their players from then they may struggle to find replacements. That might have been part of the problem.

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The South African cricket team is ranked 2nd in both the Test series and One Day format, according to the ICC. That's pretty good considerin that only the mighty Australia is ahead of them. So I hardly think they have anything to worry about right now. I think the injuries affected them.

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Is anyone here even taking bets to see if this will be the teams downfall or not? I mean really, its going to be hard to say every time they do bad "well we just don't have the players", right?

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Right. Excuses, if that is what is it, only work once or twice. We'll see soon enough, either they will be fine or else they will continue to suffer and we'll know that this is bad.

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They could step it up yes but what about the next time someone goes down with an injury, will people be saying the same thing?

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Sometimes I really wonder if people use this card too much. Its a sport, there will be injuries, its a given. Though I gotta say, sometimes I think people are accident prone just a tad.

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