Australia In India

Australia In India

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Has anyone been able to catch any of the test series currently being played between the India National Cricket Team and Australia? I have heard that this was going to be a good match and that India would have their work cut out for them.

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They haven't started yet. They've played only friendlies as I understand it, so far. The first week was gentle-just getting acclimated. Then there's to be a little training in Hyderabad, before the four day series begins. And yes they will indeed have some work to do.

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The 3-test series between India and Australia will start on October 8, in Bangalore. These are two very good teams but I don't think that many good bookmaker will be going against Australia

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# 4

Of these two great teams who is going to lay down some bets on which will end up winning over it or how close the win will be? I have seen clips of both and would hate to try and pick one.

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I don't have any doubts that Australia will take the series, but I don't have any guesses on how close it will be. They're both good but Australia takes it by a mile.

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Well they are doing a damn fine job, they have taken over and it seems Wales wasn't doing as well as some others had hoped for.

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# 7

Wales? Who said that Wales was playing? Its a discussion about Australia and India, playing in India.... And yes they are turning it around some.

Astro Raj India Astro raj
# 8

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