New season for cricketers

New season for cricketers

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Mwega Kenya Profile image 100x100
# 1

This seasons things are going to be so different in the cricket world. Just waiting to see.

Shantel Shantel
# 2

It has indeed been different. However, that is mostly because of the pandemic. No one could have seen this coming!

MChesk16 Canada Mchesk16
# 3

It's definitely a huge transition for all sports due to COIVD, but I'm so happy they're coming back into full swing. Hopefully they'll take all the necessary precautions in cricket to keep the players safe.

surjboy Nigeria Surjboy
# 4

This new season will look so dull without the supporters on the field. I just cant wait seeing full field again. Missed cricket

Teddy B Teddy b
# 5

You have hit the nail on the head with this one. This cricket season will be like no other.

Anderson Anderson
# 6

Sadly, the pandemic has made the new season to be so slow. I just wish everything would go back to normal already. Or maybe is this the new normal?

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