New Indian Team Signing

New Indian Team Signing

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Louis b
# 1

The India National Cricket Team could use a new player right now. Who do you think should be signed to the team?

# 2

Imran Khan would without a doubt be the best signing. That would be a dream come true for them.

Philippines Luffy
# 3

I may be new to this sport but no matter what shape or form it takes a contract signing could be life changing for a player cricket or any sport, The only hiccup is this crisis but I guess this is a blessing. for anyone. Having a contract means a secured future.

Philippines Ellapranze
# 4

I just hope the player that will sign with them will be in tune with Virat Kohli. I really like that player and I do not want his streak to be out of tune because of some new player.

The Observer
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