Indian National Team Greatest Achievement

Indian National Team Greatest Achievement

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Patricia Patricia
# 1

The Indian Team has arguably the most achievements in cricket. Which of their achievements do you think stands out the most?

Oliver T Oliver t
# 2

The first world cup they won in 1983 was quite phenomenal. That still stands out to me.

Pisces Indonesia Pisces
# 3

Having won the World Cup in 1983 it is the biggest achievement of the Indian cricket team to date. Don't forget how Mohinder Amarnaths performed at the tournament when he helped India become World Champion.

Daniel M Colombia Daniel m
# 4

I guess both times they won the WorldCup. The one in the 1983 (Cricket World Cup) and the triumph over Sri Lanka in the 2011( Cricket World Cup on home soil).

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Meg W Meg w
# 5

The world cup they won in 1983 was pretty big. I think that takes the crown.

Sylvia Sylvia
# 6

India was joint winner of ICC Champions Trophy in 2002. In my books that remains their greatest achievement.

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