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I tried going to their main website today and check out some history stats and the such, but the site is broken I think. This is the correct website right t, the one?

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The site is the correct one, and it is working for me. Perhaps you have the address slightly wrong?

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Nope that was the site but I think I had gotten something nasty on the computer here as nothing was loading after that note. I had actually tried to come back here, also to my friends site and another and nothing worse. Spent an entire 3 days battling whatever got on this computer but its good now. I was missing my sports feenings.

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So you're all fixed now? I haven't had a problem with the Aussie site either so I would guess that yes, it was at your end.

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That would be the best bet Bus. I have had some issues myself, it seems many of places right now are overselling their resources for the ISP's around.

Kenya Roy
# 6

I think the site is up and running well now. You could try accessing it again. It should work just fine.

Teddy b
# 7

It looks like this was fixed a long time ago. The site is now up and even improved so it should be super helpful

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