Australian dominance

Australian dominance

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Do you think this Australian domination of test cricket will last as long as that of the West Indies? So far these guys look good from top to bottom in every aspect of the game.

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# 2

It might last as long as it takes for significant injury to take out the current team, require replacement team members, and so on. That might be enough to change the team dynamic.

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If they can keep up with what I have been reading lately then yes they can, and might end up being pretty damn good in the ranks. That's only if they can keep it up though.

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They're pretty hot right now-but then historically they were always a good team. It doesn't surprise me that they are reigning and I think they could continue it for a while.

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Yea thats true but I just wonder how long it can al last for. I heard some people are thinking within a year or so its gonna be all over for em.

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I don't see any reason for that to happen-why would they fail so quickly? They are doing very well right now and have always been strong.

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