The new normality

The new normality

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Daniel M Colombia Daniel m
# 1

I'm wondering how would be the new normality for the Australia National Cricket team now that they have been given the green light to tour COVID-free New. Maybe they'll get to play all the pending games for what last of the year.

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luffy Philippines Luffy
# 2

I do not know for sure but I guess it will be the same in all sports? That being limited people? No fans? Safety protocols are in place and the list goes on. It will take a bit of adjustment but it is a must at this point. With the pandemic around the corner we must think outside of the box.

Kinh Nigeria Kinh
# 3

I believe it will still be normal. It will be just be about them puting all protective measures in play and they will be okay.

Storm S Storm s
# 4

Unfortunately, it does look like this is the new normal. Until a vaccine is found, I don't see anything changing any time soon.

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