How is Scotland Doing in the Midst of this Crisis?

How is Scotland Doing in the Midst of this Crisis?

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luffy Philippines Luffy
# 1

I always find Scotland to be one of those obscure yet a mysterious at best. Aside from a lochness legend or king Arthur I do not know much. Now that this pandemic is ongoing why is Scotland not on the mix? Be it the country or the team? Seems they are oddly quiet to me.

Meg W Meg w
# 2

You raise a good point. I haven't heard much news about the team recently. I sure hope all is well.

Anderson Anderson
# 3

Sadly this has affected basically all the teams. As such, in a way the playing field is somehow still level.

ellapranze Philippines Ellapranze
# 4

As far as I know, they are trying to recruit promising players that may be able to fill up the gap in their team. Lets see if these news will come to life.

The Observer
d.kamau Kenya D kamau
# 5

Scotland has been doing great in the past. very team all around the globe is struggling to keep up with the tread. Scotland is doing same as others.

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