Hasek or Osgood?

Hasek or Osgood?

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# 1

Hasek is the better goalie, but Osgood has been absolutely on fire this season. Has returned from injury, had a slow comeback, but won 2nd star of the week this week. If it were up to me, I'd just ride the hot goalie. What do you think?

tattyteddy United States Profile image 100x100
# 2

I'd stick with the hot goalie as well. Its good to get them going, and it reminds the other guy that he's not irreplaceable. Either one is a pretty good choice right now though.

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# 3

A goalie needs to protect and avoid points being made, a player needs to fight another goalie, so its a little of a toss up. You can have a great goalie but without great players how will the game ever end?

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# 4

I agree that you need to keep the hot goalie out there and ride his success. Now that Hasek has retired who do you think will replace him? They definitely need a strong back-up I think. Chris

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# 5

Jimmy Howard is ready. This guy is an American born goalie who dominated NCAA. He has been in the AHL for way too long. Give him some experience in the NHL.

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