Coach Mike Tomlin

Coach Mike Tomlin

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He is the first black head coach and only the third head coach for the franchise since 1969. Could he continue the legacy of the Steelers? Chuck Noll spent 23 seasons and won four Super Bowls for Steelers. While Bill Cowher coached the Steelers 15 seasons and won a Super Bowl. How many seasons do you think will he have to coach the Steelers until they will win the Super Bowl again?

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The owner of the franchise hired him so there is much respect for the coach. Any owner of a franchise will not hire a coach that they think is not the best fit for the job. I just hope that he continues the legacy of his predecessors.

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# 3

I agree with KCFan, with the owners scouting the right coaches out there. Remember this is their money and they will not settle for a gamble. It is a hard legacy he has to continue, and Steelers is a good team. Looking forward for some great games in the coming season.

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# 4

I hope he does a good job. It would be great to see the Steelers really excel this year.

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Hopefully, he will have the team behind him as well as the management. The talent to go to the Super Bowl is there, it just has to be worked to it's best advantage. I'm hoping Tomlin will be able to pull them all together and woking as a team on the road to the Super Bowl.

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I agree with sportsfan. Although all the talent is in your team but there is no cooperation between the players, there will not be a team. The coach will need to have the players trust in him so that he will successfully lead them.

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